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• 12 week outreach event and series



All seminars and workshops are entirely free of charge.  There are no requests for “Love Offerings” or support of the Ministry of Quest.



• Relational Evangelism

    1-2 day Heart for the Harvest Seminar

    12 week Connexions Series


• Reaching Your Friends and Family for Christ

    12 week Series


• Using God’s Commands in sharing your faith

    12 week Way of the Master workshop


• Integrating the Gospel into Our Everyday Conversations

    12 week Series Gentle Persuasion



• Questions:  Answering the 8 Toughest Questions

    10 week Questions Series


• A Ready Defense - Preparing Students for College 

    10 week training series


• I’m Glad You Asked - Apologetic Flow Charts

    10 week training series



• Not a Fan

    12 week video series


• Heaven...It’s Not What You Think!

    1 day seminar or 12 week series


• Getting Ready for the Lord’s Return

    1 day seminar


• 15 Godly Individuals Every Christian 

    Should Know About

    15 week Series


• Just Do Something: 

     God’s Will and The Way of Wisdom

    10 week Series


• Balancing Life’s Demands...

   A Biblical Alternative to Priorities

    1 day seminar


• Studying the Bible

   The Joy of Discovery...Becoming a Berean



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