Workshops and Seminars

Topics we can share with your group:


• Relational Evangelism

    1-2 day Heart for the Harvest Seminar

    12 week Connexions Series


• Reaching Your Friends and Family for Christ

    12 week Series


• Using God’s Commands in sharing your faith

    12 week Way of the Master workshop


• Integrating the Gospel into Our Everyday Conversations

    12 week Series Gentle Persuasion



• Questions:  Answering the 8 Toughest Questions

    10 week Questions Series


• A Ready Defense - Preparing Students for College 

    10 week training series


• I’m Glad You Asked - Apologetic Flow Charts

    10 week training series




• Not a Fan

    12 week video series


• Heaven...It’s Not What You Think!

    1 day seminar or 12 week series


• Getting Ready for the Lord’s Return

    1 day seminar


• 15 Godly Individuals Every Christian 

    Should Know About

    15 week Series


• Just Do Something: 

     God’s Will and The Way of Wisdom

    10 week Series


• Balancing Life’s Demands...

   A Biblical Alternative to Priorities

    1 day seminar


• Studying the Bible

   The Joy of Discovery...Becoming a Berean


Open Forums

• 12 week outreach event and series



All seminars and workshops are entirely free of charge.  There are no requests for “Love Offerings” or support of the Ministry of Quest.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Ministry of Quest here in the Antelope Valley

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